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Put the Fun

Back into Parenting

At Bugalu Baby, we operate by the belief that children are precious and deserve to be happy and healthy. We also understand that raising a child is expensive and believe that providing quality products at an affordable price is crucial. 

BugaluBaby strives to help eliminate some of those expenses and stressors so parents can cherish every sweet moment with their little ones. We want to put the fun back into parenting! 

Grown Organically

You grew your little one organically, so why use toxins and chemicals now? Disposable diapers can have a negative impact on your baby’s health. Polymers and scented chemicals can cause everything from chronic diaper rash, respiratory problems like asthma, male infertility, and even testicular cancer.

At BugaluBaby, our mission is to make safe, eco-friendly, and natural products that keep you and your loved ones healthy while reducing your carbon footprint.

We have a range of products designed to protect families, wallets, and our planet.

Cloth diapers are safe, reusable & chemical-free

And don’t expect to be fastening these diapers with those huge sharp safety pins like it’s the 1900’s. Our diapers secure with easy to open and close snaps to make diaper changing a breeze. The best part, the multiple snaps allow these diapers to grow with your baby so no more running to the store with every growth spurt. 

Made from breathable, water-resistant outer lining and a super-soft moisture-wicking inner lining, your baby stays dry and comfortable while the 4-layer bamboo liners ensure your baby stays leak-free.