Myth vs. Fact Debunking Cloth Diaper Myths

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

So many people remember the cloth diapers, sharp, giant diaper pins, and the dreaded plastic pants that almost leaked. The diaper rashes, the mounds of laundry of not only the diapers but all of the clothes because of those leaks. And let's face it,, there was just nothing cute about them.

But, times have changed and so have cloth diapers. They are super absorbent, easy to put on and take off, keep moisture away from baby's sensitive skin, and they are adorable. Just like our little ones.

BugaluBaby's cloth diapers have unique, custom designs not found anywhere else. Each diaper includes two 4-layer bamboo inserts for extra absorbency. And each diaper is made with our planet in mind by using sustainable bamboo while decreasing landfill waste. You can provide a healthier option for your baby, your wallet, and your planet.

Join the Plastic-Free Movement and see for yourself!

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